The Trash on Trash

DMR Dumpster Service

Jeff Davis County does not provide garbage pickup or dumpster service. Everyone in DMR must drive their refuse to the Fort Davis in-town Receiving Station and pay fees, OR pay for their own private dumpster service. The dumpsters in DMR are all privately paid for and are not for public or "community" use.

West Texas Disposal Systems in Alpine (and possibly Duncan Disposal) can provide private dumpster service. Garbage pick ups are usually every Monday, and although the monthly charge is the best in years, the cost remains close to $150 per month for 1 dumpster. If you'd like to share use of an existing private dumpster in DMR, contact Marti Fellers at 432-426-2181 (she tries to keep an ongoing list of dumpster "vacancies").

Receiving & Recycling Station

There is no phone at the county's station, and since the station operates on a first-come-first-serve basis you may want to check in with manager Dustin Barr onsite prior to hauling large loads. The standard fee for yard-loads is currently $25.00/YD. But there are special disposal fees and items which cannot be accepted (tires, paint or chemicals or such containers, metal fencing, concrete, rock, etc.).

Remember, Recycling is FREE and there's a new access drive. Cardboard, glass, and metal must be separated and placed in designated containers. But numerous mixed materials can be placed in the compactor without sorting: aluminum & tin cans, plastics 1-7, pasteboard (cereal/product packaging), and all kinds of paper (office, newspaper, magazines). ALL RECYCLABLE CONTAINERS MUST BE EMPTY.

Illegal Dumping

State regulations prohibit dumping anything on the ground (only brush at the community Brush Pile is allowed). We can be held liable by State Law for any illegal dumping which means all of us could wind up paying for fines. Dumping costs YOU money. Formal, written reports of illegal dumping addressed to the DMPOA, Inc. are encouraged.

DMPOA, Inc., 101 Yellow Knife Trail, Fort Davis, TX 79734  Tel: 432-426-3374 

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