1) DMR consists of approx. 170 households, and more than 600 property owners;

2) DMPOA affords only 1 full-time employee (and the equivalent of a 2nd salary, split between part timers);

3) DMR contains over 8,000 acres and approximately 75 miles of unpaved road;

4) Except for road improvements and part-time office management, virtually all other DMR needs are met via community volunteers (including the DMPOA Board and the DMR Volunteer Fire Department);

5) Although the Board may be sympathetic with those on fixed incomes, the Board CANNOT change the amount of your Assessment Fees;

6) Only YOU can change the amount of your Assessment Fees (usually at the Annual Property Owner's Meeting);

7) Assessment Fees have increased only twice during the past 10 years;

8) Assessment Fees currently cost $17.00 per month per tract;

9) Private service for 1 dumpster in the DMR costs nearly $150.00 per month (see "The Trash on Trash" page);

10) DMR property owners contribute approximately 28.3% of our County's real property tax evaluations.

For complete information as to how DMPOA, Inc. is governed, please see the "Governing Documents" page.

 DMPOA, Inc., 101 Yellow Knife Trail, Fort Davis, TX 79734  Tel: 432-426-3374

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